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Our Mission

The mission for Scriptera is clear, build strong and lasting partnerships that lead to sustained profitability. Scriptera only succeeds when our partners maximize the opportunities in front of them. It is our goal to unlock as many untapped revenue streams as possible without interrupting  your current business model. 

Our Story

Scriptera was originally founded to create the most comprehensive and accessible compliance system in the Pharmacy Industry. However, the better we got with data, the more opportunity we realized we could tackle. Through a lot of hard work, experimentation and aligning with a likeminded team, we have put together a partnership program that benefits all stakeholders, not just Scriptera. At Scriptera we are doing something unprecedented in the industry, building a company that puts its partners first and foremost. 


Scriptera creates data opportunities for all of our partners in order to unlock more precise and faster insights than ever before. We specialize in solutions for pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers and pharma companies. Scriptera's team has deep relationships with all of these stakeholders to truly understand and identify their unmet needs.  

The Leadership team at Scriptera is the combination of experience across all verticals in the pharmaceutical chain. Our team consists of individuals with years of experience in independent pharmacy, wholesale drug operations, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharma sales/marketing, data analytics and software development.

Scriptera firmly believes that this endeavor will take more than just one person to execute on multiple strategies. This is the reason we have built a diverse team with expertise across the entire pharmaceutical chain.

Experienced Leadership

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